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Unpacking scale at Bizongo

Bizongo is India’s largest B2B platform for procurement and packaging solutions. It operates as an aggregator of 500+ sellers/ manufacturers; and serves hundreds of mid-large size enterprises with vendors, pricing, contracts, visibility across stages, and on-time fulfilment including logistics. Bizongo continues to grow rapidly and capture multiple customer segments and product categories managed by the procurement function.

We invested in the company multiple times, beginning when the team was executing an internal transition to higher profitability areas. Our investment helped Bizongo execute this transition seamlessly. We further helped with additional capital to capture opportunities present in large festive season sales as well as to support bidding for a massive global order (which Bizongo ended up winning against many competitors more than 5x their size).

We also helped the company with new banking partners, dynamic discounting solutions, treasury management and advisory work. With our support across cycles, Bizongo raised further equity and continues to grow rapidly.