Your CFO’s best friend - we help
your finance teams with
expert advice,
custom technology
and a powerful network.

Streamline Cash Flows

Our senior team shows you how to get smarter as you predict your cash needs, and allocate your funds in the right products so you can rest assured that not a rupee stays idle. We help you think through duration, risk and returns better.

Access Transparent Advise

Our allocation framework is aligned to your investor’s requirements and your cash flows. Our incentives are aligned with what is best for you. You can count on our recommendations and see the results easily through our tech platform.

Use a Platform Designed for Real CFOs

A DIY platform empowers your finance team to do more. Online execution, dashboards, underlying analytics and multiple reports – all at the click of a button. Executed through a customised platform integrated with BSE Star for online execution.

Access a One-stop Platform for Discounting

Whether it is your own balance sheet or a partner’s, make sure that your vendors get paid on time, and you earn the benefits of better pricing and more engaged suppliers. Our platform helps you seamlessly manage these payment flows.

Blessed by the Ecosystem and Investors

40+ companies use our platform which has managed more than INR 1,500 Cr so far. Leading VCs have vetted the platform, and some of them use it to manage their own treasury. A quick chat with any of them would tell you why!

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