Our debt capital is ideal for
predictable use cases and helps
you finance your growth efficiently

at a lower cost than equity.

Optimize Capital Structure

Debt is a critical complement to equity when it comes to financing your business. If you have a predictable use case with a clear path to return capital, debt may be right for you.

Avoid Dilution

Debt can help promoters and investors to retain ownership. Every rupee raised through debt lets you manage dilution to maintain your stake, creating value far beyond the life of the debt.

Extend Runways

Raise equity rounds on favourable terms. Access additional capital through credit and time your equity events at a better scale to improve valuations.

Finance Capex

Medium-term financing can be right for your company to build productive assets, whether it be cloud kitchens, vehicles, POS terminals or even furniture!

Inject Working Capital for Growth

A mix of short and medium-term structures can help you finance your inventory and receivables. Make sure it’s available when you need it - Our innovative structures minimize interest costs, such that our capital serves you better.

Access Flexibility for your Needs

Use the right financing tools for different business models: whether using debt to acquire customers for SaaS by scaling financing along with subscription revenues; or financing inorganic growth with the right mix of debt and equity.

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Since we partnered with
Urban Company in 2015,
the startup grew
to a $2.8BN valuation,
and became the
#1 tech-enabled
home services company in India. What are your odds of success?