We bring flexible capital to cater
to the funding needs of your
growth or late-stage tech business.

Address Primary Capital Needs

Do you need growth capital? Does your late-stage round need a top-up? Do you need a primary plus secondary investment? We can cater to such requirements.

Provide Liquidity to Early Investors

Are your angels looking to monetise? Do some of your investors face pressure to exit because of an imminent fund life limitation? Our capital can help with their liquidity needs.

Simplify Ownership

Complex capital structures create opacity and administrative burdens, impeding capital formation. Clean up crowded cap tables as you prepare for a public market listing or other strategic events.

Attract and Retain Talent

Your team is the pillar of your success. Reward them with wealth creation through our liquidity solution for ESOP holders. Motivating senior leaders & top performers get easier!

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