Saurabh Singh

Sahil Makkar

Associate, Credit

Sahil brings extensive investing experience to the Trifecta team. He has been investing in corporate credit for the past four years with investment across the capital structure and instruments. He has experience in investing across spectrum and geographies including mid to large corporates in developed markets, angel investing.

Sahil also has experience in full-stack software development as he built multiple applications for Samsung Smart devices along with researching innovative gestures & video technologies. In addition to being a firm believer in technology companies, he's extremely passionate about public markets as well as angel investing, reading biographies of founders, Punjabi cinema & poetry as well as Sports.

Two years of experience in full-stack software development at Samsung coding multiple applications including gaming, content, gesture/video-driven features, and image processing applications.

Four years of credit investing across the capital structure in developed markets -High Yield and Investment grade bonds (secured, unsecured, hybrids) driving multiple single security and thematic investments across GSAM multiple Institutional and retail funds.

Lead analyst for Technology, Consumer, and retail sectors and supporting analysts for Infrastructure, Telecoms.

Actively involved in multiple angel investing platforms.

Portfolio relationships
LeverageEdu, Magicpin,

IIT Bhubaneswar (2008-12)
IIM Bangalore (2015-17)